Have you ever wondered how those big black wrapped up bails of grass are made in fields? Well, I was lucky enough to be out in the countryside with my drone and I came across these tractors making them so I recorded some video and made this little movie. They use some awesome machinery and it looks a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Mike, the music is for you…

Lyme Regis by Air

Here is a short movie I have made from drone footage I took flying in Lyme Regis a few weeks ago. I used a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and all this was taken from one flight.


It was a lot of fun to fly and despite being relatively new to drone flying I think I got some great footage. I also have lots of photographs taken from the drone during my time in Lyme Regis which I am slowly working through. I hope to have a gallery up soon. Something that I hadn’t anticipated was how much the seagulls disliked it. They really got upset and would swoop at it making a lot of noise while they we doing so. None hit it but it looked like they came close on a few occasions. It cause people to comment and wonder what was upsetting the seagulls!

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