The last six months in drone selfies

To celebrate the end of 2016 and hopefully bring a bit of fun along too, I have gathered all my drone footage together and made this little video.
I have only had the drone since April* and only started making drone selfies since June, hence the last six months in drone selfies.
I have put all the clips together into almost chronological order, apart from the last clip which was actually my first selfie.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the fun and Happy New Year to you all!

WARNING ⚠️ This video may cause motion sickness!


* Flight stats as of 31/12/2016
Total flight time = 6:55 mins
Total distance = 48,657 metres
Top speed = 16.9 m/s

Tigger & Bandit – What Really Goes On!

This is the second time-lapse that I ever made and it features our cats Tigger & Bandit who spend an afternoon asleep on our bed. This was filmed in 2012 and I think I had the camera set on manual which is why it goes dark in places when the weather outside is not too good. As you can see Bandit is a real character and puts maximum effort into sleeping. Tigger is also great but a more conservative sleeper, so much so that I was able to cut five seconds out of the movie when he is asleep on the bed on his own and you can’t tell! Enjoy.


Have you ever wondered how those big black wrapped up bails of grass are made in fields? Well, I was lucky enough to be out in the countryside with my drone and I came across these tractors making them so I recorded some video and made this little movie. They use some awesome machinery and it looks a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Mike, the music is for you…

Lyme Regis by Air

Here is a short movie I have made from drone footage I took flying in Lyme Regis a few weeks ago. I used a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and all this was taken from one flight.


It was a lot of fun to fly and despite being relatively new to drone flying I think I got some great footage. I also have lots of photographs taken from the drone during my time in Lyme Regis which I am slowly working through. I hope to have a gallery up soon. Something that I hadn’t anticipated was how much the seagulls disliked it. They really got upset and would swoop at it making a lot of noise while they we doing so. None hit it but it looked like they came close on a few occasions. It cause people to comment and wonder what was upsetting the seagulls!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2015

Here are some of my favourite photos from last years Bristol International Balloon fiesta. Most of these were taken with an iPhone 5s which really highlights the capabilities of the camera.